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Post  Life Pilgrim on Tue Mar 22, 2011 8:30 pm

Well there's nothing I could do with the horizontal bar below the menu bar. It's advertising according to your region. I'm just seeing a gray empty gap from my end as they have no ad targeted to my region of residence. Smile

I can't get rid of it either so I guess now we know why the hosting is free ashamed .

On the other hand I've also added Play Asia banner on the right. It's where I usually get my games from. I pre-ordered my Shogun 2 limited edition from there. They offer free shipping to the country of my residence but it took 6 weeks the last time I ordered from them though the site indicated between 5-14 days or in some circumstances up to 4 weeks. It wasn' them it was Mr. Postman. think

But I guess I can wait for a few weeks after all I will most probably still be playing the game 5 years from now or at least until Shogun 3 came out. Hearing the AI being praised in Shogun 2 are wonderful computer . After all they better be a capable AI because I'm going to play them for years to come. I've had enough of Empire AI numbness that takes away the felling of actually winning something from victories because it was so ridiculously easy to win.

My NoScript produced a click jacking message when clicking on the Play Asia banner but that's a false positive. It will just open a new window to Play Asia's site. So no harm there. And I can attest to their good customer service and reliability as well as competitive prices. To me if you're especially living in Asia Pacific region or Australia or even Russia you should consider buying your games from them as they have some of the best prices in the region and even the world well if you discount shipping from Hong Kong to halfway across the globe. Rolling Eyes

So no worry about the Play Asia banner they are pretty trustworthy but if you do still mind, Ad Block Plus will definitely get rid of them and I'm not trying to make money out of the site either I just want to see whether nickels could be dripping. The idea is kind of cool to me Very Happy

If it turns out to be making enough money for a game. I'll give it as a gift to the clan members or pick another Shogun 2 copy to be won!

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