A Large fund multi battle army

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A Large fund multi battle army Empty A Large fund multi battle army

Post  Ralbdar on Fri Mar 25, 2011 10:00 am

Hi fellow members

I tried this setup today and won 2 large battles with it:

General (rank 7)
1 mangonel
6 katana samurai
3 naginata samurai
4 bow samurai (although u can use ashigaru bowmen)
1 no dachi samurai
1 light cavalry

With the famous armoury (+1 armour), Sword instructor (+2 melee), drill square (+3 defence) and ox carts

I do have a medium fund version but still to be tested. With inspiring orator you can get -10% for ashigaru units so maybe can outnumber the enemy. But with inspiring orator and trade post u can get a 15% reduction on all ashigaru (handy if u intend to use the loans instead of katana). Not tested loans yet so i'll keep u posted.


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