Kami no jishin official banner set

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Kami no jishin official banner set

Post  Life Pilgrim on Thu Mar 31, 2011 2:28 am

Here it is folks for those who think the already existing one is too dark to be seen from the black background.

So that's another 3 set combination

The other set is

War council members are obligated to adopt the one meant for council members only while clan members are free to choose whether to adopt these or otherwise.

There's no restriction for veteran units and avatar color scheme.

So that's a whole new 3 sets to make all of them 6 variations. Two are meant for war council members only with the golden ties(Golden ties with maroon or bright red mon).

Clan members may choose between the silver or white ties each for the maroon or brighter red mon shade for a total of 4 sets to choose from. Of course clan members are not obligated to wear the clan's official banner. It serves merely as guidance to clan members and to cement our identity as a clan and to raise morale.
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