Kami no jishin code of honor and conduct

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Kami no jishin code of honor and conduct

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Welcome to Clan Kami no jishin. A Shogun 2 Total War International Clan group.

Members are highly encouraged to use the official clan banner scheme as provided on the following link: Kami no jishin official banner schemes. For war council members it's mandatory to sport them. Avatar and veteran units have no restriction whatsoever including for their banner flag colors and mon(symbol). Clan members have 2 schemes to choose from while war council members must adopt the exclusive set for the council members.

Kami no jishin means divine earthquake or God's earthquake or the Lord's earthquake.

Our banner carries the words "Raizu-nushi yo, guntai no hasuto!"
or "Raise O Lord God, host of armies!"

Our battlecry is "For honor! To glory!".

We value chivalry and honorable conduct. To commit to battle means to defend your honor and to amass glory even in the face of certain defeat. We believe how you conduct the battle is more important than the result. We are swift as the wind, still as the mountain and as overwhelming as the ocean. We believe in taking the initiative like the Eagle, fierce as the Lion when attacking, strong as the Bear when defending and wise as the Snake in planning.

We believe in fair treatment, respect and just judgment among the clan members. We believe morale is important to develop and maintain by committing to fair rewarding of the clan members. We honor those who join us and those fellow samurais who fight with us in battle.

Last, we do not fear those who are above us and we do not look down upon those who are below us.

Now let us shake the foundation of Shogun 2 Total War gaming! For honor! To glory!

War council members are not permitted to become other Shogun 2 clan member because they are expected to give their full commitment and loyalty to the clan they are leading. If found out to the contrary they risk being demoted. At the moment we are no longer recruiting for more council members except by our own initiative to approach the person or by special circumstances. It is for the best of the clan morale as having too many would damage the clan morale instead developing them as with too few.

By becoming member of the clan hereby you declare to have understood all the clan code of conduct and honor and willing to honor them to develop and maintain morale within the clan.

*Our avatar is depicting the second of the three unifier armor of Japan's Sengoku period, arguably the wisest of them all, the headpiece of the Taiko Toyotomi Hideyoshi.

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